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Senior Product Designer / Front End Engineer
2016 – Current

The Koordinates platform is designed and engineered for all data users—and not just those with technical expertise. With your own data service, you can realize the true potential of your geospatial data.

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Product Style Guide

We have been chipping away at developing a platform-wide Sketch product style guide that follows atomic design principles.

product style guide
Platform-wide product style guide that follows atomic design principles.

Product Homepage

Previously, users go straight into a browse view, with thousands of datasets on the platform. We wanted an easier way to navigate them to datasets most relevant to them. The new homepage features a quick way to start searching for data, highlights your recently viewed data (when logged in), lists regions that have data near you, displays recently updated data, and shows authoritative sources of data published on the platform. Read more about this release.

product homepage
Homepage search & filters banner.
product homepage
Homepage explore by Regions, recently updated datasets

Design Prototypes

One of the tools I enjoy designing with is with code. Protyping with code allows me to program proper logic into it – something that other static prototyping tools lacked. Below are some of examples I have worked on.

GIS Map Viewer

This is an exploration for viewing geospatial data on mobile. This interaction focuses on browsing datasets, switching basemap styles, fly to locations & cropping dataset. This prototype was built with Framer.

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Table filter dropdown & lozenge

While designing the admin part of the platform, we needed a simple way to filter large number of table rows. To quickly validate some ideas, I put together a React App prototype that uses our product styleguide css. This early phase prototype went through numerous iterations and laid the usability foundation of this feature.

View Prototype


Apart from design work, I also often take care of the front end side of things and have worked with Django, Wagtail CMS for our Koordinates Marketing Site.