Food Control Plan in minutes

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CookSafe was unfortunately a shortlived project. It did not make it to launch date. However, it still went through weeks of scoping & design before the plug was pulled, so I'll still share it anyway.

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Easier Food Control Plans

There's a common thread in the food & hospitality business – Getting a food safety grade is a tedious, time consuming and repetitive proces. Not only do they need to print out a lot of forms, often they are thrown away if certain sections don't apply to their business, thus wasting a bunch of resource every year.

CookSafe wants to simplify the process by taking the user through bite-sized question & answer interfaces rather than traditional forms. Through the answers, CookSafe can provide you with a Food Control Plan tailored to your business. Nothing more, nothing less. No more resource wasting so you can get on with running your business like a boss.